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A 20-year search for a French army soldier comes to an end

We are delighted to announce the publication of:

Kraemer Families in Alsace, France: My 20-year Search for a French Army Soldier

Joyce Draganchuk

Family history/Genealogy

Publication date: December 5, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-887043-28-1; 398 pages, 8 x 10 hardcover; $50.00


One Woman’s Challenging Quest for Answers about her Ancestors

An old, red photo album, an image of a young man in mysterious military uniform, and a passion to learn about her ancestors sent Joyce Draganchuk on an adventure to uncover the secrets of the past. Her journey took two decades: It began long before online genealogy sites were available, so it necessitated writing countless letters, patiently waiting for responses, and traveling with her husband, John, from Michigan to Utah, and from Ohio to France. Without those trips, a little bit of serendipity, and a touch of dumb luck, Joyce would not have learned the in-depth story behind the Kraemer name; she would not have seen the villages where her ancestors lived and died; she would not have met key people who provided missing links. In total, Joyce uncovered nearly a thousand relatives and dozens of fascinating stories that she has captured in this detailed, colorful account of Kraemer Families in Alsace, France.