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A Bigamist in the Bunch

Now available9781887043137-cov-Bigamist

A Bigamist in the Bunch

Orville Wilbur and Nettie Drake: How their 19th century secret affected one of New England’s oldest families.

Jean Stone

Who knows why no one in the family wanted to admit that Orville Wilbur was a bigamist? Shame. Embarrassment. Or maybe they did not want to reveal the real story? It was a different era when the author’s grandfather was born in 1894. Divorce was scandalous; as a single mother, one can only imagine how Nettie Drake would have been treated at the market, the dry goods store, and—gasp—the church. Not to mention the financial complications of how a woman could raise children alone. Whatever the reason, Nettie finally gathered her courage and sent shockwaves that rippled from a small Boston, Massachusetts suburb as far north as Maine and west to the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. A Bigamist in the Bunch untangles the myths about Nettie and Orville and paints a vivid snapshot that shows how a single genealogical anecdote changed the generations that followed.

The official publication date is November 11, 2014, but pre-publication copies are now available.

The Sea Captain’s Daughter

Hannah Wood of Blue Hill, Maine

Reminiscences of an 1850 Childhood

 Hannah Wood cover onlyEsther E. Wood

Our newest book, Hannah Wood of Blue Hill, Maine Reminiscences of an 1850 Childhood, is now available. Hannah Wood was born in 1844 in Blue Hill, Maine. Her father was a sea captain; her mother often joined him on his voyages while Hannah stayed ashore with her grandparents. As a young girl who was curious by nature, Hannah discovered her gift of storytelling. She soon began to keep a diary about 19th century life in a coastal village as she lived it – and as she saw it. Member of Hannah’s family and community come alive in this memorable collection drawn from previously unrecorded stories, old journals, and letters. Hannah Wood of Blue Hill, Maine has captured family history at its finest and most fascinating.

Now available.