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Book Design

You can be as involved as you want in the design of your book. We offer several options that include choices from a traditional, simple look to a design that is custom-created to suit your specific story and needs. In addition, we can create your genealogy chart, clean up old photos, and add reproductions of photos, maps, and documents.


Bigamist-combo Bigamist-Book-cover
Photo restoration can save a photograph that has been damaged, whether by age, moisture, creases, fading or stains. Many times they can be restored to like-new condition. For genealogical or historic books this is particularly important work. It is very satisfying to bring the past into the present.

For example, in this old photo, too much light has faded the yellow dye in this print. A little work removes the damage of the folds and restores the color.


And in this photo, moisture has caused some damage to this photograph, leaving streaks and stains. Some careful work restores the print to good-as-new.



This class photo has lost its corner, has a few chemical stains and scratches, and the entire photo was broken in half. Some artful work removes the damage and recovers the image.